A vision for those of us who've said:

“One day I want to have a dog rescue in my backyard.”

Luxury apartments with a built-in dog rescue.

Let's make it real!

Add your name if you want to see this become real!

We are gathering a (private & protected) list of people who <3 this idea. Once we have a bunch of names we will write to you about a crowdfunding campaign. We are looking for people to spread the word! So all you need to do is <3 dogs and <3  this vision, and want to share!

Inspiration Gallery

This gallery includes architect concept sketches for The Barker and photos that are in line with the dream:

  • Your next foster dog is just an elevator ride away.
  • For-profit model ensures there will always be $$ to save the next batch of dogs… and the next… and the next.
  • Smart apartment design makes it easy to welcome your furry guests (quality, sound proof flooring, smart drains for easy accident clean up, and more!)

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