A vision for those of us who've said:

“One day I want to have a dog rescue in my backyard.”

Luxury apartments with a built-in dog rescue.

Let's make it real!

Add your name if you want to see this become real!

We are gathering a (private & protected) list of people who <3 this idea. Once we have a bunch of names we will write to you about a crowdfunding campaign. We are looking for people to spread the word! So all you need to do is <3 dogs and <3  this vision, and want to share!

Inspiration Gallery

This gallery includes architect concept sketches for The Barker and photos that are in line with the dream:

  • Your next foster dog is just an elevator ride away.
  • For-profit model ensures there will always be $$ to save the next batch of dogs… and the next… and the next.
  • Smart apartment design makes it easy to welcome your furry guests (quality, sound proof flooring, smart drains for easy accident clean up, and more!)

Tips from our Blog

FREE ONLINE COURSE – Help spread the word about our complimentary program that helps shelter dogs get adopted! By using a simple clicker and a bag of treats, the human volunteers will click every time eye contact is made. This will help dogs to “offer” eye contact more, and can potentially impact adoptability

Here are my “big 4” tips to keeping your dog safe this Halloween. They are great to keep in mind at all times too!