How to Brush Your Chihuahua’s Teeth

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I’ve tried and failed with this toothbrushing thing — and I’m a certified dog trainer, so imagine my horror when I tried a standard protocol and my Pom’s mouth started bleeding! But giving up didn’t seem like a good option. So I put on my thinking cap and found a solution that’s FUN and generates quick wins! (Bella got trained on Day 1! Theodore, the one who bled, is on a slower plan).

So what’s stopping you? I bet it stopped me before too! The anticipated stress factor, the $ factor, TIME (both to set aside for training and how long it will take), Youtube makes it look easy but my dog is not down with any of it? Sound familiar?

Well, this involves no stress. I promise. It should be fun! (And you will see in my videos how fun my dogs find it — even my brush-shy one.) This program costs a lot less than a dental, and all the supplies are super affordable! You probably have most of them in your home. And I don’t make it “look to easy” by just showing you success. In fact, I will show you the bumps and how to navigate those. I demo with Bella, who is very much into it (she does make it look easy), and Theodore who needs to take the slower train to Toothbrushville. I also show you when Bella’s not into it too! And I have a Q&A section where you can shoot me a question and I will answer it for you!

This course contains:

  • Video Training – showing shy and non-shy dogs, how they do on different days. I don’t just show you picture perfect. I show you the reality and explain my thought process as I train and adjust!
  • Training Guide, downloadable as PDF
  • Q&A Area – have a question? Leave a comment!

Developed by Jessika Jake, Catch Certified Dog Trainer.