Calling All Artists: Winner Gets $500

Enter for a chance to win $500! We want your concept sketches. Think dog habits, doggie pools, dog runs, apartment amenities that dogs would love, apartment amenities that humans will love… Think cafes with 2 way mirrors so that patrons can see the dogs without bothering them… an elevator with a special yellow light to let others know a shy dog is on board… a communal rescue van… a stage… a snow habitat… smart drains in units… Think it all up! Use COLOR. Make it magical. We want to share the wildest vision… the Vegas hotels will envy The Barker.

Submit your digital work by Oct 18, 2019. This means sketches, videos, whatever you got!

By entering, you are granting permission for us to use your work. We are happy to provide you with a referral for your beautiful work.

Thank you so much! Winner will be announced by Oct 25, 2019.