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Facebook Banned These video Ads – Can you Help Share them?

Our Facebook ad goal was to connect with dog lovers who like (or love) the idea of the Barker Apartments — luxury apartments with a built-in dog rescue. Facebook didn’t want any of it, with quite hilarious reasons for rejection. (They had approved the same video with a black background prior but I paused that so I could make it more on brand… then they rejected me per clauses in their terms that don’t apply… in other words, they didn’t really look at the ad. I was working in the middle of the night so it could have been a lost in translation issue. Who knows!)

Update: Now Facebook approved the ad and it started running. But due to the inconsistency with approved versus not approved I would still LOVE it if you share these videos! You can DOWNLOAD the videos below!

Anyhoo, below you will find the videos we would love for you to share, with a link to our home page, where we have an intro followed by the email signup. The link is https://thebarkerapts.com. Our goal in sharing is to gather together dog lovers who want to see this become real. Did you know that in order to do crowd funding you need your crowd first? We are building that crowd, and no, they don’t have to ever give us money. We are looking for support beyond that – in terms of spreading the word, chiming in with ideas, and so forth.

Please post:

(1) A video (choose from below)

(2) What you think of The Barker Apts project / why you want to see it become real or a mention that the vision is luxury apartments with a built-in dog rescue

(3) Call to action: Ask your follows to go to https://thebarkerapts.com to sign up for updates

(4) Bonus points: Tag people who would be interested and tag @thebarkerapts

Wide Video (Download Video – 6MB)

Square Video (Download Video – 4MB)


Paws for a Moment

Help spread the word about our complimentary program that helps shelter dogs get adopted! By using a simple clicker and a bag of treats, the human volunteers will click every time eye contact is made. This will help dogs to “offer” eye contact more, and can potentially impact adoptability (even though this has not been shown scientifically). Takefumi Kikusui, an animal behaviorist at Azabu University in Japan found that the “loving gaze” we share with our pets is rooted in oxytocin-mediated eye-gaze bonding. But guess what?

  • Eye contact is something dogs naturally avoid
  • Shelter dogs who are scared will avoid eye contact even more than dogs normally do

So how can you help? In short, by using a simple clicker and a bag of treats, volunteers will click every time eye contact is made. This will help dogs become more comfortable with making eye contact and thus help more dogs get adopted.  Sign up here to get the entire course and course assets for free.

Eye contact is one of the first behaviors you can clicker train for. The other mentioned in this course is “touch,” a targeting behavior. We plan to expand on this course to incorporate more ways to help dogs get adopted.

(1) Lay down behavior, as it was shown that if a dog lays down next to a potential adopter, adoptability increases.

(2) General training videos, demonstrating training plans in line with these recommendations for shelter dogs.

The v1 of the course is up and ready for you!  Click here to get the entire course and course assets for free. We will keep adding to this! (And it will always be free for you to use!)


Calling All Artists: Winner Gets $500

Enter for a chance to win $500! We want your concept sketches. Think dog habits, doggie pools, dog runs, apartment amenities that dogs would love, apartment amenities that humans will love… Think cafes with 2 way mirrors so that patrons can see the dogs without bothering them… an elevator with a special yellow light to let others know a shy dog is on board… a communal rescue van… a stage… a snow habitat… smart drains in units… Think it all up! Use COLOR. Make it magical. We want to share the wildest vision… the Vegas hotels will envy The Barker.

Submit your digital work by Oct 18, 2019. This means sketches, videos, whatever you got!

By entering, you are granting permission for us to use your work. We are happy to provide you with a referral for your beautiful work.

Thank you so much! Winner will be announced by Oct 25, 2019.