How to Brush Your Chihuahua’s Teeth

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This course was created by Jessika Jake, CATCH Certified Dog Trainer. Jes was mortified when she followed a standard protocol for tooth brushing with her small dogs and one ended up with a bloody mouth. But the idea of continuing to do “dentals” at the vet didn’t seem like a good option — putting our babies under to clean their teeth can be hard on their bodies. Plus, all the plaque is building up between dentals and sometime extractions are needed. Not to mention that the procedure costs $600-$800.

Well, Jes put on her thinking cap and came up with a novel solution. For the fearless dog, the process is fun and takes 1 day to get to brushing some teeth (doggie toothpaste and all). From there, you keep adding on.

For the fearful dog, the process is also fun — but SLOWER.

In this course Jes will demo on 2 dogs — her fearless Bella, and her shy Theo. (Poor Theo, he was the one who bled in the past! Don’t let your dog bit on any toothbrush, please!)

Are you ready to have some fun?

This course contains:

  • Video Training – showing shy and non-shy dogs, how they do on different days. I don’t just show you picture perfect. I show you the reality and explain my thought process as I train and adjust!
  • Protocol steps, downloadable as PDF
  • Q&A Area – have a question? Leave a comment!

Developed by Jessika Jake, Catch Certified Dog Trainer.

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